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About – Torat Habayit

Torat Habayit assists hundreds of families every month and provides clear and authoritative Halachic advice on complex medical issues to over 200 community Rabbis and 120 Rebbetzins, kallah teachers and mikveh attendants and collaborates with 30+ batei din and kiruv organizations across the UK, USA, South America and Israel.

Torat Habayit regularly presents lectures, seminars, and courses, worldwide, on Medical Halacha, using state-of-the-art visual presentations with up-to-date medical information, combined with a wealth of Halachic sources and opinions on a variety of medical topics ranging from the beginning of life to the end of life.

Topics include:



Birth Control

End of Life Issues

Cancer Patient in Halacha

Shalom Bayit Dysfunction

Pregnancy and Birth Problems

Infertility and Gynecological Problems

Diabetes in Halacha

Yom Kippur Guidelines

Medical Emergencies on Shabbat

Celiac and Gluten Intolerance in Halacha

Child Abuse Prevention

Mental Health Issues: Addictions, OCD etc

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